I was commissioned to work on the background illustration for the official music video for Wish Me Luck, a song by Wallows. I worked along with a team where I mostly contributed with spaces, planets, cloudy and abstract backgrounds. 
Full Credits
Animation Direction: Gonzalo Rimoldi    
Art Director: Sebastian Escobar
Clean & Color Director: Emanuel Gastaldi
Supervising Producer: Maria Alejandra Ramirez
Layout Animation: Gonzalo Rimoldi, Miguel Alberto Mazza.
Rough Animation: Diego Martin, Diego Doncel, Gonzalo Rimoldi, Gaston Ignacio Herrera, Juan Jose Diaz, Miguel Alberto Mazza, Laura Julieth Moncada.
Clean & Color: Angie Julieth Lara, Carlos Felipe Gonzalez, Carmen Moreno, Daniel Esteban Cotillo, Emanuel Gastaldi, Enrique Jafet Garcia, Fabian Andres Ospina, Francisco Julian Favaro, Guadalupe Marpegan, Juan Camilo Fernandez, July Catalina Lasso, Luca Tavecchio, Luisa Fernanada Galvis.
Composition & VFX: Andres Almasio, Daniel Cordero.
Character and Props: Andres Ramirez, Dennis Quiñones, Mateo Aguirre.
Backgrounds: Juan Jose Molinares, Nelson Navarro, Sofia Bernal.
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